Digit Soil

Changing how we see soil


Microbes are vital for soil health, but they are vastly understudied, because current methods are complicated and labor-intensive.
With Digit Soil, we propose a portable device to measure microbial activity directly in the field. With our solution, anyone can reliably gather data to contribute to the basic science that will help to protect our soils for future generations.


Over-grazing, -tilling and -fertilizing are destroying soil at 10 times the rate we are replenishing it. We are treating our soil like dirt. But what makes soil? It is microbes!
Do you know that one tablespoon of soil is filled with more microbes (bacteria and fungi) than there are humans on the whole planet? Microbes eat organic bits in the soil and produce nutrients for plants.

We know, in facts, that microbes are crucial for soil health, but we just don’t know well enough the microbial health of our soils. This is our bottleneck. Today, in order to measure the microbial health, the sample of the soil has to be brought from the field to the labs in buckets covered with ice. That in itself is making the results not reliable, since the soil is affected during the oftentimes long travels. We need new and better tools than we can use directly in the field.

Our soil sensor allows measurement on site. With a simple to use device, which you just stick into the soil right where the soil is. By doing this we limit bias and make soil microbial health measurements a more reliable and available source of information. Our journey starts here. As a next step, we wish to further develop our prototype and bring on board researchers. They will help us gather enough data so that we will be able to use our device for future soil maintenance and protection. This as a result will keep bringing food to our tables and keep earth climate in tip-top shape. For more information visit digit-soil.com


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