chaze smart band

hand-wearable band to gain insights into your swim


we’re Beni, Julian, Consti and Ferdi from team CHAZE. With CHAZE, our mission is to inspire swimmers to reach their full potential.

Swimming is one of the technically most demanding sports. In order to effectively convert power into speed, many factors must work together in perfect harmony. And despite how many people do swimming as a sport, good feedback is difficult to find and doesn’t come cheap: Currently, swimmers have the option to either join a club or get private lessons. Both options are costly and don’t fit every swimmer’s desire for flexibility and independence.


That’s why we are developing a hand-wearable smart band. When a swimmer wears the band, the band’s sensors record the swimmer’s motion. This data allows our app to provide the swimmer with valuable feedback: An overview of the pace, distance, force and further metrics lets users check on their performance. A visualization and analysis of their stroke further lets them fine-tune their technique.


To help improve our data evaluation, we are looking for regular swimmers to swim with our prototype. If you are interested in participating or have any other inquiries, please reach out to us at