SPH Team

Maria Håkanson
Head Student Project House pilot

Maria leads the programs and all operations of the Student Project House in the HPZ building. Contact her to discuss new courses, programs and partnerships.

Roby F. Dos Santos
Events & Finances

Roby is in charge of events in the Student Project House. Contact him if you have any question about the space or about running an event here!

Phone: 044 633 29 21


Moritz Mussgnug
Coordinator project support & programs

Contact Moritz if you have any idea for a project! Moritz is the first point of contact for student projects. He is in charge of the project support and runs programs in the Student Project House. He holds a PhD in product development and loves the early stages of new projects.

Phone: 044 633 89 07

Barbara La Cara
Lead Social Innovation

Barbara manages the focus area social innovation, run programs and support projects, where it is all about solutions to societal problems like climate change, global poverty, waste, unemployment and more.

Phone: 044 632 34 82


Lucie Rejman
Lead Food & Agriculture

Lucie runs programs and mentor projects in the area of food and agriculture.

Marvin Breuch
Makerspace Lead

Marvin leads the Makerspace team. He plans the further development of the Makerspace. When he is not managing all the things related to the Makerspace, he is studying for his BSc degree in Mechanical engineering at ETH.

Phone: 044 633 33 69


Mathis Först
Makerspace IT & Finances

Mathis is out IT Guru for the Makerspace. When he is not updating the machine use system or helping some students to make their prototype smart he is studying for his BSc in Computer science.

Renato Kessi

Renato is an industrial designer that has found his way to the Student Project House based on his passion for purpose-driven & energetic projects. He is responsible for the visual appearance of the Student Project House in the space and on social media. When he has a minute to space, he supports project teams in their design work.

Phone: 044 633 31 06


Nicholas McDonald
IT manager

Nick is the designer and manager of our website. If you have suggestions for new features or improvement of the website in general, contact him!

Thomas Heinrich
Metal workshop manager

Thomas brings over 10 years of experience in the construction of advanced prototypes and advising student projects. At the Student Project House he is managing the courses and open hour sessions of the metal workshop. Please contact him if you have any question on construction!

Peter Stäuble
Makerspace Supervisor

Peter supervises our Makerspace. As a polymechanical engineer by training he makes sure that our trainings and procedures meets the satefy requirements. Most of his time Peter spends as the Managing Director ETH Platform for workshop technology. Hence, he knows every little workshop at ETH.



Prof. Dr. Sarah Springman
Dr. Judith Zimmermann
Responsible Student Project House