What is the Student Project House?

The Student Project House gives an opportunity for students at ETH to think outside of their curriculum and set path. Here you learn how to identify an actual need, design solutions and test your hypothesis with real prototypes. We are convinced that combining the knowledge gained in your studies with the freedom of tinkering and the understanding of the bigger picture can lead you to great innovations. We support students that want to bring their own ideas further in a student team.

Our space is designed to mix students of different disciplines, expertise levels and modes of engagement. We provide a range of opportunities for hands-on, team-based learning, from courses to independent tinkering and co-curricular offerings.

We currently operate the Pilot Station of the Student Project House at ETH Hönggerberg. In a few years, the offering will also be available at ETH Zentrum. Until then, we welcome all interested students to drop by our spaces at Hönggerberg